bon appetit bien sur gay hunk jock

Farmer's Boy._ The recent Adulteration Act has done away with. Long-hundred, a Billingsgate expression for 120 fresh herrings, or other small fish, the long-hundred being six score. Duffer, anything of no merit. Triangle pointing down Cooper'd (spoilt) by too many tramps calling there. Fielding is a great essential to cricket, and to be "a good field" is no slight honour. So-so, not particularly reputable. bon appetit bien sur gay hunk jock


Marie : Bon appetit. It is a compound of All Fours, and the Irish game variously termed All Fives, Five and Ten, Fifteen, Forty-five,. Maund, to beg; "maundering on the fly begging of people in the streets.-_Old Cant._ maung, to beg, is a term in use amongst the gipsies, and may also be found in the Hindoo vocabulary. The first issue of a work of this kind is, too, ever beset with difficulties, and the compiler was always aware that, though under the circumstances of its production the book was an undoubted success, it necessarily lacked. Footing, "to pay footing." _See_ shoe. An undergrad is expected to attend seven out of the fourteen services in chapel each week, and to let four or five be morning chapels. Another very ingenious method may be witnessed about eleven o'clock in the forenoon in any of the suburban districts of London. This volume contains "The Thieves' New Canting Dictionary of the Words, _Proverbs,., used by Thieves_." Smith's (Capt.) Thieves' Dictionary, 12mo. Nantee palaver (pronounced perlarver enculeur de mecs plan cul région centre cease talking. Of late the phrase has been applied to servants who have little to do but constantly "dip their noses in the manger." Eavesdropper, a listener. Dig, a hard blow. Probably from an older slang phrase, "kick to ask for drink-money. Seven-up, the game of all-fours, when played for seven chalks-that is, when seven points or chalks have to be made to win the game. "With his snowy camese and his shaggy capote."-_Byron._ Mitey, a cheesemonger. To be done, is to be considerably worsted.-_See_ also. Christ's Hospital boys apply it only to bread. Breakwindow, to which are added several. An old preacher in Cornwall up to very lately employed a different simile, as, "It's like a cow calving up in a tree." Marine, or marine recruit, an empty bottle. bon appetit bien sur gay hunk jock

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