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denial by closeted gay men who are ashamed of their sexuality, and attempt to disassociate themselves from homosexuality by expressing their outright disgust and repulsion towards homosexuality. If a queen committed adultery and then became pregnant, it would often be impossible to determine if the king was the father of the child. The fact that Catherine did not give birth to a boy was not the only factor. Mens magazine editors of FHM/GQ/etc and scorn men who do not fit the traditional notions of Anglo-Saxon masculinity. Previously, the bible had been available only to Catholic Priests and scholars. It is not practical to discuss varieties of Sovereigns here, and even less practical to collect them by variety. Millennia Collection in May 2008. Auction results for various Groats are cited to provide ideas as to market values. This same Bonhams auction featured a Sovereign of the first coinage as well. These were workhorse coins of their eras. It seems that it is not gradable, probably with the sharpness of a VF grade. The gold content of each Sovereign is the same for those of the first and second coinages. Machinations that had greater historical impact, one can venture, than even the monarchs love life, include the young kings championing of a Universal Treaty of Peace which later, alas, was shelved when war was deemed necessary.

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The focus instead should be on the numbers three and. Terms a little less than one half a troy ounce, and more than fifteen grams. This Sovereign was made with a relatively sharp strike on a choice, prepared blank (planchet). In August 2013, Stacks-Bowers auctioned an NGC-graded EF-45 S-2316 for 734.88. Coin Rarities Related Topics: News and Analysis regarding scarce coins, markets, and coin collecting #361.

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